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Seymour Melman and the New American Revolution: A Reconstructionist Alternative

On December 30, 1917 Seymour Melman was born in New York City. The 100th anniversary of his birth helps bring his intellectual legacy into focus. Melman was the most significant reconstructionist thinker of the 20th Century, championing alternatives to militarism, capitalism, and social decay by advancing a systematic counter-planning program for disarmament and economic democracy. His legacy remains of critical importance because today the United States is currently a society in which the economic, political and cultural systems are spiraling into an abyss…

Economic, Social and Political Dimensions of Bolivia under the Morales-Administration (2006-2016) and Key Challenges Ahead

This year marks the tenth in office for President Evo Morales, the MAS-party (Movimiento Hacia el Socialismo, or in English: Movement Towards Socialism) and the administrations self-ascribed socialist revolution. The aim of this essay is to describe and reflect upon some key economic, social and political dimensions of Bolivia under the Morales-administration. The essay also looks towards the future and some key challenges facing the country.

Economics for Humans by Julie A. Nelson

Economics for Humans was published in 2006 and written by Julie A Nelson, a prominent feminist economist and Professor of Economics at University of Massachusetts Boston. In Economics for Humans, Nelson seeks to answer how we could create and structure an economy not for imaginary “rational men” but for actual human beings…