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Internationella kvinnodagen och den bortglömda kampen mot militarismen

Förra veckan inföll internationella kvinnodagen. I samband med det uppmärksammades bland annat kvinnors historiska kamp för rösträtt, kampen för en rättvis arbetsmarknad och den pågående kampen för reproduktiva rättigheter. Alla dessa frågor är viktiga, både i Sverige och i världen. Ändå var det något som inte uppmärksammades i någon större utsträckning: kampen mot militarism.

Explaining Clean Hands Branding and Displacement: Norway, Sweden and the USA

Countries tend to clearly identify problems with other nations which they use to displace attention to their own problems. They attempt to give their citizens the idea that they have “clean hands,” i.e. that they are politically innocent. This innocence becomes part of a brand which the country uses to market itself. More importantly, the country’s brand is often tied up with some positive aspect of the country that they want to convey which is often the opposite of the country’s actual practices in other aspects.

Beyond Public Racism

The racist and demagogic poster campaign aimed at Swedish tourists and centered in the Östermalm undergound station is part of a larger problem which is the repressive tolerance of Sweden’s political elite towards not only racism, but the inequality in media, political and economic power. Groups like the peace movement, anti-racist organizations, environmentalists and mass transportation advocates have less power…