Month: December 2016

Nyårsmingel 2017

SCISER önskar god jul och ett gott nytt år, och vill tacka för det händelserika året 2016. Vi har haft studiecirklar, workshop, filmvisning, skaffat en webbplats och sist, men inte minst, blivit en officiell förening! Inför 2017 siktar vi mot nya höjder, och inviger det nya året med en mingelkväll fredagen den 13 januari kl 17.00.

Towards Democratic Community Development: Beyond the Market and the State

The limits to established democracy and alienation from diverse forms of power require alternative models because without alternative visions, we risk being stuck in the status quo; a dystopian reality in which powerlessness continues. In contemporary democracy, all citizens theoretically have equal power to vote. The problem is that voting power does not always translate into the decisions governments will make or the decisions made by other important actors. There are several key reasons why the power to vote can be limited in its ability to reflect popular will or the interests of individuals.

Economic, Social and Political Dimensions of Bolivia under the Morales-Administration (2006-2016) and Key Challenges Ahead

This year marks the tenth in office for President Evo Morales, the MAS-party (Movimiento Hacia el Socialismo, or in English: Movement Towards Socialism) and the administrations self-ascribed socialist revolution. The aim of this essay is to describe and reflect upon some key economic, social and political dimensions of Bolivia under the Morales-administration. The essay also looks towards the future and some key challenges facing the country.